Business identity theft was up 46 percent year-over-year in 2017

We all have heard of identity theft but have you heard of business identity theft?  

Criminals have been stealing business data.

Cyber-criminals “actually take on their client lists or the special sauce that makes that company operate and compete with them directly. In other instances, they’re pretending to be that business,” Steven Shapiro, a unit chief at the FBI, told CNBC in a recent interview.

“Criminals have a perception that it’s easier to find a business’s data than it is for individuals. There’s also a perception that businesses have deeper pockets than an individual would in an identity theft situation,” said Shapiro.

One criminal recently cost a business over $1 billion in market shares and hundreds of jobs.  

Business’s should  keep a close eye on credit reports, bank accounts, social media, and web search results.  

If you believe you are a victim of business identity theft, report it to the FBI at


Need help making sure your business is safe?

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