Patches for Acrobat Reader and Flash, as well as other products.

Adobe has released patches for 40 security vulnerabilities found in several of the products.   Including Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Flash Player, and Shockwave Player.

Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS’s applications of Adoble Acrobat and Reader have 21 vulnerabilities alone, 11 of which have been rated as critical in severity.  

Critical vulnerabilities lead to attackers taking complete control over targeted systems.

If your system hasn’t yet detected the availability of the new update automatically, you should manually install the update by choosing “Help → Check for Updates” in your Adobe Acrobat and Reader software.

The patches released were for:

  •  Adobe Acrobat and Reader with 11 Critical and 10 Important Flaws
  • Adobe Shockwave Player with 7 Critical Flaws
  • Adobe Dreamweaver with 1 Moderate Flaw
  • Adobe Flash Player with 2 Critical Flaws
  • Adobe XD with 2 Critical Flaws
  • Adobe InDesign with 1 Critical Flaw
  • Adobe Experience Manager Forms with 1 Important Flaw
  • Adobe Bridge CC with 2 Critical and 3 Important Flaws

According to the company, none of these vulnerabilities have been found exploited in the wild.

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