Protecting your data is important

Getting your computer information hacked into is as bad as getting your wallet stolen.  You wallet holds your work & home addresses, bank information, social security number, and license.  The computer can also hold all of those things.  

It is as important to protect your computer as it is your wallet.  Identity theft is no longer just done by purse snatchers and cat burglars; we live in a computer based world.  It is all sitting there waiting to be snatched away from you.  

One easy way to stay protected is to regularly update your computer’s software.  When a software update comes out, make sure you update soon after, or better yet; set up for automatic updates.


What Software should be updated?

1. Security Software.  Antivirus or firewall programs should ALWAYS stay up to date.  

2. Operating system software.  Whether it be Apple, OS, Windows, etc. your operating software should be kept up to date.  Using the latest version is also helpful.  

3. Internet browsers and apps.  These are very important as these are usually where the criminals get in.  

Essentials Keeps You Up-to-date

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